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Dress and Look Like a Boss on a Broke Budget

So there are many examples and styles that you can get from TV, magazines, Instagram and many other social media platforms. A lot of people believe that you have to spend BIG BUCKS to actually look hella fabulous. Well, I can definitely say you are absolutely WRONG!! There are many ways to shop and get the look that you want for a good price. There is definitely no need to spend hundreds of dollars on a look that will eventually fade out.

MAKE UP: Ladies and Gents--> there are a lot of high end products that we would love to buy but at the same time they cost a lot of bread. So the biggest thing you can do is to DUPE it. Dupes are amazing and you can find something and match it for a reasonable price. Not every one can buy 1 lipstick for $20-$30 every time we run out especially when we go out shopping and see more then one lipstick. We'd probably walk out the

store spending $100 on lipstick and only buying 4 (which I think is an outrage). Two of my favorite and affordable make up brands are Colourpop and NYX. What I love about these two brands is that they are affordable and high quality make up. I know people are afraid of "cheap" makeup or think that its too good to be true or that you might breakout in acne or a rash. But yes, affordable high quality make-up does exist! I'm what you call a lipstick junkie and I love colored lipsticks. The colors from both lines are really pigmented, from the soft pinks and nudes to the vampy reds. NYX has all make up from foundations, highlighters, lipsticks, and many other things. I have found many great alternative with NYX instead of buying the super pricey high end brands. Colourpop however has mostly everything except for foundation. ***ASLO THEY BELIEVE IN HAVING SALES***.You can check out my Pinterest for many dupes --->

CLOTHES: When it comes to clothes the new craze is getting subscriptions where you can rent the clothes and send it back. Honestly I'd rather just buy it at my favorite stores:

1. Old Navy

2. Gap

3. Boohoo

4. Fashion Nova

5. Fashion to Figure

6. Century 21

the list may continue but for now this is my top 6. Old Navy is one of my favorites because the prices are not bad for retail but most of the sales are amazing especially when you can get old navy bucks. Its pretty good! ***Also Old Navy gives you the opportunity to get the difference back after you bought something full price when it goes on sale a couple days later. Just call customer service!****

Gap is a bit pricey but the quality of the clothing is worth it and also they have pretty sweet sales (Just make sure you DON'T Forget the code for the sales) *****ALSO ALL SITES LISTED IS ON EBATES: SO YOU CAN GET CASH BACK (with the exception of Fashion Nova)


Boohoo and Fashion Nova are both online stores with a VARIETY of really cute and affordable clothes. The best part is that they always always always have a sale and make sure like I said for the GAP DON'T FORGET THE CODES.

Century 21 gets a bit tricky guys. Its huge department store full of many different items. The sales depend on what you're looking for but the prices are slashed and way cheaper then the retail prices. When it comes to clothes my favorite part is the accessories because I feel that's what really makes the outfit for me. You can be rocking $12 leggings with a $6 tank but if the shoes and handbag are poppin' you're already a flawless DIVA. There are many reasons as to why I love Century 21 and one of them being that the accessories there are name brands that I have actually heard of like Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren, and many more. It really doesn't take hundreds of dollars to look like a boss. You just have to be really smart about wear your coins are going.

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