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What is self-care?? How do we care for oneself ?? People from all walks of life coming from many different backgrounds, culture, and all parts of the world have our own daily routines that we follow on a daily basis but has it ever occur to you that as we go through our daily routine does it ever include self-care. Now you ask what would be considered as "self-care" ?? Self-Care is when you decide to take care of yourself holistically: mentally, physically and emotionally. A lot of cans admit that we have tended to the need and wills of other to the point that we have forgotten about our own well being. We drown ourselves til we reach

our breaking point or we become broken or even worst, lost our way in life. Just because you are working for success that doesn't mean you should completely loose yourself of being along the way. We all want to strive in our own way to become our own best version of yourself but we should also do it holistically as well.

When your on you path to your success in whatever field or profession you are in you should definitely think of these pointers:

1. Have a grind that makes you Money

2. Have a hobby that keeps you fit/active

3. Find a hobby you enjoy ( and if it makes you money that plus !!)

4. Invest in yourself

5. Stay away from people who a negative/ energy suckers

Having a grind that makes you money is definitely the top priority on the list unless you wanna live in a cardboard box. The point of the matter is that the bills need to be paid and the point of a grind is to have income coming in to take care of both necessities ( light, gas, rent/mortgage, and etc) and luxuries (nice things and comfort ).

Having a hobby that keeps you fit/active is great to do. Something that you enjoy like taking classes like kickboxing, Zumba, and other activities to keep fit and you strong and healthy.

So outside of our main grind, some of us have actual hobbies that can be a variety of things like hair, makeup, blogging, and many other things. One thing I can say when it comes to that is too PERFECT YOUR CRAFT. Practice what you know and love. Plus you will never know where it leads you.

INVEST IN YOURSELF!!!! Investing in yourself is one on the main golden tickets that you can do for self and the best part the possibilities are endless, Read a book, start a blog, travel, help out the community. ANYTHING that can make you grow as a human being. LADIES AND GENTS of the young generation we need to start getting out of these habits. How can you grow and learn if you have never got outside your bubble?? It is time that you make time and invest in yourselves to not only to show the world what you have to offer also to yourself, so you can know what you bring to the table. also, Another important factor to the process is to stay away from negative energy. Some people may not realize but energy is the powerful thing in the universe. Its what make things and even people move. Even though we do see it we can feel it. When negative energy comes in to play it literally drains the life-force out of you even to the point you don't want to complete the task/goal anymore. The more negative energy that is around you the more you will be affected by it. There are people in the world that will not take responsibility of their negativity, so it becomes your job to remove them because they are not supporting the vision of who you want to be in the future. You should always surround yourself with people who does not only supports your vision but empowers your visions from beginning to end.

My top 2 favorite blogs that comes success especially women empowerment are:

Women on Topp

She Conquers

These two sites are lit and have a lot stuff that will motivate and inspire you to become the best version of yourself, also it gives you great tips on the do's and dont's on become your own boss.

Also for my ladies out there who are boss boss babes we should never back down or apologize for being a strong woman. there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting or envisioning more out of life. We should take what we want, when we want it, and just run with it to see where it takes us. Nothing is sexier then a woman is employed, educated, her own boss, and got her sh*t together.

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