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CurlFest 2017

CurlFest is one of the biggest event in Brooklyn celebrating natural hair, its like a natural hair festival. The event has taken place in Brooklyn, NY in prospect park and people from all over had attended this major event. From bloggers, youtubers, hair naturalist, and everyone. This was a time where we were celebrating the uniqueness of our natural hair that apparently society had issues with for decades. Our hair

defines gravity and has a unique quality to it. This event is truly remarkable. We are taking the time to appreciate and embrace our natural beauty. I remember when I first went natural I didn't know what to do or where to go or who to even talk to about it. The worst part is that there were barely products for my hair texture that I knew of at the time. One of my first natural hair videos was by naptural85. She had really inspire me to continue in my journey and

see where I would go. Every since then my hair over the years got healthier, longer, and stronger. I can't tell you how much I love my natural hair. This festival is a great way to embrace not just only our hair but many features of men and women of color. Also the product that you get is..... Amazing.... This is a festival I believe people should take part of and the best part of all is that people are getting more comfortable in there own skin. I myself would never had imagine that I would love my hair and also pull of the blue-green afro on top of that!! Its truly an amazing thing to love your natural self. Expressing self -love is beautiful. This leaves a mark on the world as

well as the younger generation. I remember back then that once your a certain age your mama would of brought your first perm now a day your mother would start using the Shea moisture set for kids from birth!! Words can't explain how much I enjoyed this years CurlFest and I am excited for what they have in stored for next year's CurlFest. Also I didn't know I would get that much complements on my hair that day. This events has truly inspiring and

also gives me a sense of pride and happiness. Curl fest was also featured on Pop Sugar and The New York Times. Yours truly made the articles for CurlFest on Pop Sugar. I was really happy that Pop Sugar wanted to take my picture and the photographer did a phenomenal job.

I absolutely love this picture. I was especial excited when they posted it on there snap story. I was so honored. This festival was definitely the best one yet. It was truly inspiring. Also the products are like I said amazing, I don't have to restock for months. Plus You can check out this video from insider to see what I am talking about.

See you guys at next years CurlFest 2018.---> Also follow @curlygirlcollective for more pictures and info about CurlFest !!

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