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Judgment vs Expectation vs Reality

Judgment vs expectation vs reality is a topic that everyone and everything can relate to. You have probably seen

plenty of memes related to this topic and somehow it can be relatable to your own life, but has it ever occurred to you there are some people that rely and lean more on expectation rather than reality? Some of our expectations rely on many personal opinions and judgments rather than reality and that depends on straight up facts and life-proven evidence. It's a great thing to have high expectations as well as exceed people expectation of what they think about you in whatever sense. Having high standards/ expectations for yourself is definitely an excellent thing. It shows that you want nothing but the best and wants to reach for the stars. Sometimes judgment can take over expectation depending on certain things. Without educating yourself along with having a narrow mind,

judgment, and expectation can lead to immoral, bigotry, arrogance, and ignorance. These 3 topics tend to cross paths many times and sometimes we as human tend to shut reality out because we each have our own reality. We each see something in a way that not a lot of people would understand. We all like to escape reality or instead of creating a false reality to suppress and hide the real reality. For example, a person can be going through a financial crisis to the point that their mortgage and utility bills cannot be paid but somehow they can manage to have money to shop for super high-end brands

and go on expensive vacations to escape the stress and abandon that reality of responsibility. This alone can lead to homeless, foreclosure, bad credit and anything along the line of that. Expectations, judgment, and reality chances each other around depending on the person. I understand that people out there would rather escape their reality rather than face it head on but always running away from it will never change the fact or disappear. Having the courage to understand the reality that you live in and informing yourself can take you to a higher place mentally, physically, and emotionally. Once you have gained both understanding and knowledge then you can act towards your life and causes.

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