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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Hair

Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder and beauty comes in many many different forms. From makeup, hair, fashion, pericings, tattoos, and many other forms - beauty itself is an art. and there are multiple ways of getting away with certain things.

Want to color your hair but not want to damge or bleach it? Well there's many ways of getting really creative with your hair without processing it or causing damage. My hair is super curly and if I color it, its a whole other story. My hair would be dry all the time, the curl pattern would change, and it becomes a big hot mess. So tricks I used is either dying organicaally or protective styles.

Dying it natuarlly, you can use henna or organic dyes that come in the box. Those options can get you the natural colors that you desire without damaging your hair. Also henna has some great properties for curly hair. You can get these product at your local organic store or on amazon (they really do have everything).

Want to go the extra mile and have an extreme color without damaging your hair ? Protectective styling!! From my experiences protective styles are the ULTAMITE way of testing not only color but other styles to from locs, twists, braids, and many other options.

Another options to make life even simplier are WIGS WIGS WIGS. Wigs have been here for centuries and is still popular today and it will be popular when we're dead. When it comes to a wig there's no limit to what you can do with its. The color, the length, the texture, whether you want lace or not, and many other aspect the posibilities ar endless. The best part is when you're done for the day you can pop it right off and wear it tomorrow. Wigs are so customizable and the posibilites are really endless. A couple of wigs and some great outfits you can have a great look almost everday. some good stores

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