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EBATES a Must ?  or Nah

May 5, 2016

So we all probably seen the commercial about where we can earn cash back from stores online. At first I didn't believe it or thought there was a "catch" but when I decided to open up an account through a friend that had referred me. I got a little something in my account once I started shopping since my friend referred me. I went on the site and they actually had a lot of the stores I actually shopped in. I was going though the stores seeing what kind of cash back I can get... They had macys, boohoo, old navy and many other great stores. I've been using Ebates since January 2017 and honestly I can say its great. You actually get the cash back. Now ebates is starting to give you cash back in certain stores when you link your credit/debit card to the website. NO FEES and NO PROBLEMS. So its definitely a money saver right there and the site also lets you know when they are having sales/codes for the sales. On top of that you can get cash when you refer a friend. ***If you want more cash back you can use a credit card that gives you cash back as well so you'll get cash back on the card and on your ebates account. 

Ebates: MUST

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